The final part of where to go this Half Term

So here is the final part of where to go for half term, even with the ash cloud looming, I am still living in hope that the airports will stay open and we can fly out to some sun…

5. For my last choice I really had to put my thinking cap on. There are so many different places I want to go to. Many would take a lottery win, others take the form of a cheap break. However for my final pick I thought I would choose a place I’ve been coveting for a while. So the last destination on my list is Cyprus, courtesy of the Thanos Hotel Group. I’ve found a good deal through their website for the Almyra Hotel, a beautiful minimalist hotel, that looks how I would love my house to be. They are currently doing good deals on connecting rooms with complimentary upgrade to half board. The hotels (the Thanos hotels include the Almyra, Anassa and the Annabelle) have a kids club, which is actually from 6 months upward, and a kid’s pool. These hotels are decorated in a  contemporary chic style. They’re the type of place we would have gone to before we had the kids, and I suppose that’s a big part of their appeal for me. This one unfortunately stretches the lemonade budget, but the more and more I look the more I am drawn to it.

So this half term, I definitely want a family-friendly holiday. I want a kids club. I want luxury. I want a deal! So now I’m back off to search the internet to see what else I find. I’ll report back soon when I’ve found ‘the one’.

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